Airbnb Laws in Colorado

Advising buyers on how navigate Colorado Airbnb laws and get the best return on your investment.

As an Airbnb investor myself, I help buyers purchase a short term rental (STR) and navigate the Colorado market to find the best property with the most ROI. 

Whether you’re looking for an Airbnb property or you’re a home owner who wants to house hack, finding the property and navigating the Colorado laws can be challenging. 

The rules and regulations are often hidden in legal ordinances and can be difficult to understand. Luckily, I’ve compiled an updated list of city ordinances when it comes to short term rentals (Airbnbs, VRBO, etc.)

A summary of each city’s laws and ordinances is provided below, however, please check each city’s linked ordinances for detailed information on permitting, licenses, zoning restrictions, and applications. 

Disclaimer: While my goal is to provide you with up to date information on Airbnb laws and restrictions, I am not an attorney or tax professional. Please partner with a legal counsel and a tax professional before making an investment decision


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Airbnb Laws : Cities in Colorado

Denver: If you rent out a property for 1-29 days, you need a short term rental license. The property you rent out must be your primary residence (owner occupied). If you rent out for 30 days at a time, no license is required. You can view the online application here

Colorado Springs: Colorado Springs allows for two types of short term rentals – owner occupied and non-owner occupied. For owner occupied rentals, the owner must live in the home 185 days of the year. There are zone restrictions for owner occupied STRs. For non-owner occupied homes, you are restricted to certain zones and not allows to have one in single-family zoned districts. You also must be 500′ away from any other STR. You can view zoning maps and applications here

Arvada: A property owner can have up to three STR properties at a time, but only one reservation per property is allowed. You can have either an owner occupied or a non-owner occupied property. You must have a license if you rent it out between 1-29 days per month. You can apply for a license here

Aurora: You must be the primary resident to have an STR. Only one listing is allowed at one time. The STR is allowed in residential areas. You also must have a license to operate. To review the ordinances and to find the application, click here

Boulder: The STR must be the property owner’s primary residence (person must reside there for 1/2 of the year). There are also zoning restrictions to be aware of. Boulder does not allow for STR investment properties. To view restrictions or to file for an application, click here

Broomfield: The STR must be the property owner’s primary residence (residing in it for 1/2 of year). There are restrictions based on the number of guests allowed by sf. You also need a license to operate. To view restrictions and applications, click here. 

Castle Pines: Prohibited

Castle Rock: Castle Rock currently does not have any restrictions on Airbnbs and does not regulate them. Be aware that although there are no regulations currently, they could quickly outlaw or restrict Airbnbs. Current regulations are here

Centennial: STRs are allowed in Centennial, but you need to apply for a license. There seems to be no restriction around residency, but check with the website. For more information and to fill out an application, you can visit the link here

Douglas County, CO: All STRs are prohibited. View a map of Douglas County here

Edgewater: Edgewater allows for STR’s, but they must be the property owner’s primary residence. There are several restrictions you must abide by, like parking and compliance with rental property maintenance codes. You also must file an application for a license. For more restrictions and licensing info, you can visit this link

Englewood: Short terms rentals are allowed in Englewood. You must fill out an application and have proof that you are the owner of the property. The STR also needs to be your primary residence and the city requires you to have insurance coverage. To apply for your short term rental and to view the city’s restrictions, you can visit the link here.

Fort Collins: Fort Collins allows for both owner occupied and non-owner occupied STRs in certain zoned areas. You are required to fill out an application to get a license. To view the zoning information and also to apply for your STR, you can visit the link here. 

Lyons: Lyons offers STRs for both owner occupied and non-owner occupied properties, but there is zoning restrictions. You also must fill out an application, but the fees are waived if it’s your primary residence. To view the current laws, restrictions and application, visit this link.

Golden: Golden allows STRs for primary residences within certain zones. To get an STR license, you must live at the home at least 10 months out of the year and only one license is granted per lot. You also can own an STR within a commercial zoning district and you don’t have to have residency. To get a license, you’ll need to fill out an application linked here

Lafayette: Currently does not address any laws or restrictions on STRs, aside from noting a lodging tax. 

Lakewood: Currently does not address any laws or restrictions on STR.

Littleton: Littleton recently changed their laws to only allow for STRs that are your primary residence. ADUs are also not permitted for Airbnbs. You must fill out an application to receive a license, which you can do here

Longmont: STRs are allowed in Longmont for both owner occupied and non-owner occupied properties. You are allowed one STR investment property in Longmont. You must fill out an application to get a license, which you can do by visiting this link

Louisville: STRs are prohibited if less than 30 days rental. 

Loveland: No current laws for STRs in Loveland. 

Parker: Currently there are no allowances for STRs in Parker.

Thornton: STRs are currently allowed in Thornton, but with specific restrictions and requirements. Licensee’s must be the property owner(s) and must live in the home 50% of the year. You also must fill out an application, which you can get here

Westminster: Westminster currently has not addressed STRs in their laws or ordinances. 

Wheat Ridge: Wheat Ridge currently allows for both owner occupied and non-owner occupied STRs. Wheat Ridge has put a cap on the number of STRs allowed in each of their districts and there is a waitlist. You also must apply for a license. To view more information on the STR limits, ordinances and the application, please visit the website here

Woodland Park: Woodland Park has put a ban on all new applications for STRs until further notice. For further updates, you can check back here on the city’s website

Updated July, 2022



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