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Ready To Sell? Today’s Housing Supply Gives You Two Opportunities.

I'm a Longmont real estate agent and at first glance, the increase in housing supply compared to last year may not sound like good news for prospective sellers, but it actually gives you two key opportunities in today’s housing market. An article from Calculated Risk helps put the inventory gains the market has seen in 2022 into perspective by comparing it to recent years (see...

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More People Are Finding the Benefits of Multigenerational Households Today

As a real estate agent in Longmont, I help people find alternative ways to think about affordability in housing. If you’re thinking of buying a home and living with siblings, parents, or grandparents, then multigenerational living may be for you. The Pew Research Centerdefines a multigenerational household as a home with two or more adult generations. And the number of individuals choosing...

Real estate agent in Longmont

Home Equity: A Source of Strength for Homeowners Today

As a real estate agent in Longmont, I believe that there’s no chance of a large-scale foreclosure crisis like we saw back in 2008, and that’s good news for the Longmont housing market. As Mark Fleming, Chief Economist at First American, says: “. . . don’t expect a housing bust like the mid-2000s, as lending standards in this housing cycle have been much tighter and homeowners have...

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No more hidden fees when booking with Airbnb

You might see it all over social media these days. More and more people are complaining that there are too many hidden fees and chores to do during check-out. Following complaints from guests of hidden fees and being asked to do chores like stripping the beds, doing dishes, starting the laundry before departing, Airbnb said it is making a move toward price transparency to improve the...

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Key Factors Affecting Home Affordability Today in Longmont

Every time there’s a news segment about the housing market in Longmont, CO, we hear about the affordability challenges buyers are facing today. Those headlines are focused on how much mortgage rates have climbed this year. And while it’s true rates have risen dramatically, it’s important to remember they aren’t the only factor in the affordability equation. Here are three measures used to...

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Do You Believe Homeownership Is Out of Reach? Maybe It Doesn’t Have To Be.

As a real estate agent in Longmont, it turns out, millennials aren’t the renter generation after all. The 2022 Consumer Insights Report from Mynd says there’s a portion of millennial and Gen Z buyers who are pursuing homeownership as a way to build their wealth, but it may not be exactly the way previous generations have done it. The study explains how they’re breaking into the...

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How I Put My Airbnb on Autopilot

Hi! I'm Lindy. I do house hacking in Colorado and am an Airbnb expert who shares all my tips online... and for free! People ask me all the time how I've made my Airbnb property a passive money-maker.  Aside from an occasional question from a guest, for the most part, our Airbnb is passive income. Sometimes, it feels too easy.  So, how do we accomplish this? One of the biggest time-sucks...

Longmont real estate agent

Sell Your House Before the Holidays

Hi! I'm a Longmont real estate agent and as you look ahead to the winter season in Longmont, you’re likely making plans and thinking about what you want to achieve before the year ends. One of those key decision points could be whether or not you want to move this year. If the location or size of your current home no longer meets your needs, finding a house that better suits your lifestyle may be a top...

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3 Trends That Are Good News for Today’s Homebuyers

Hi! I'm a real estate agent and while higher mortgage rates are creating affordability challenges for homebuyers this year, there is some good news for those people still looking to buy a home in Longmont, CO! As the market has cooled this year, some of the intensity buyers faced during the peak frenzy of the pandemic has cooled too. Here are just a few trends that may benefit you when you go to...

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Taking the Fear out of Saving for a Home

If you’re planning to buy a home, knowing what to budget for and how to save may sound scary at first. But it doesn’t have to be. One way to take the fear out of budgeting is understanding some of the costs you might encounter.  And to do that, turn to trusted real estate professionals. They can help you plan your finances and prepare your budget. Here are just a few costs experts...

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