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Whether you’re just starting a family or looking for a change of scenery, Boulder, Colorado is a great place to do it. Here, you will learn about Boulder’s geographical location, benefits, and points of interest.

Thanks to its safety, thriving economy, health- and fitness-oriented culture, and great career opportunities, Boulder is one of the country’s fastest growing cities. Its residents enjoy a culturally enhanced lifestyle, ranking the city high in terms of health, education, and overall well-being. Striking the perfect balance between city and country life, Boulder is a great destination for those who want to explore, relax, and get back to nature.

Residents of Boulder, Colorado also enjoy a great quality of life. There are plenty of places to go, things to see and do, and places to eat. With a small-town feel and metropolitan amenities, Boulder is one of the state’s most in-demand places to live. Come to Boulder and see why its residents are friendly, happy, and relaxed.

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Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is just 25 miles northwest of Denver, Colorado. As the state’s 12th largest city, Boulder’s population sits at just over 108,000, a number that includes more than 30,000 students who attend the University of Colorado.

Despite occasional hailstorms and Chinook winds, Boulder residents enjoy a temperate climate with more than 300 sunny days per year, infrequent rainfall, and dry winters. The gorgeous weather, among other benefits, is why so many people are making the move to Boulder.

5 Reasons You'll LOVE it:


  1. Warm and welcoming people
  2. Access to world-class dining and nightlife
  3. A thriving economy that makes it a great destination for startup owners and entrepreneurs
  4. Numerous career and educational opportunities
  5. Proximity to forests, rivers, and mountains

Fun Facts

  1. Bicycling is such a popular mode of transportation that Boulder Creek’s bike path is typically snowplowed before its streets are!
  2. Anheuser-Busch, Avery Brewing, and Coors make the Boulder area the world’s biggest beer producer.
  3. There are more used bookstores in Boulder than in any other part of the country.
  4. The meadow in Chautauqua Park was used as a filming location for 70s sitcom Mork and Mindy.
  5. Actor Robert Redford once worked as a custodian at The Sink, a popular local burger and pizza restaurant.

Home Styles In Boulder

New construction near the Foot Hills of Boulder. 

Mid century modern in the heart of Boulder. 

White picket fence home in Northern Boulder. 

Places of Interest

If you’re in need of some rest and relaxation, you’ll find it here in Boulder. Here are a few of the city’s best things to see and do.

  • Pearl Street: Lined with hip boutiques, eateries, and sculptures, Pearl Street is a bustling, pedestrian-centric area that’s fun to explore. There’s so much to see that it’s hard to get to it all in one day!
  • The Flatiron Mountains: The best place to see the Flatiron Mountains is in Chautauqua Park, which is now a historic landmark. Here, you’ll see gorgeous sandstone formations and wide-open spaces.


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