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You might see it all over social media these days. More and more people are complaining that there are too many hidden fees and chores to do during check-out.

Following complaints from guests of hidden fees and being asked to do chores like stripping the beds, doing dishes, starting the laundry before departing, Airbnb said it is making a move toward price transparency to improve the guest experience.

This month, Airbnb announced it will start offering a new option to show all fees upfront in the search results and listing page to help with transparency in pricing. Guests will also be able to see a full price breakdown including the service fees, cleaning fees, and taxes before they book.

Guests will also be able to search through listings to narrow down the price even further, so they can stay within your budget.

Brian Chesky, Airbnb co-founder and CEO, tweeted, “I’ve heard you loud and clear — you feel like prices aren’t transparent and checkout tasks are a pain.”

Airbnb Proposal for Cleaning

According to Airbnb, they state that 45% of its listings don’t charge a cleaning fee and they are asking hosts to consider following this tactic. Airbnb is asking hosts to either remove their “checklist” of cleaning duties if they are charging a cleaning fee or remove the cleaning fee altogether.

In attempt to improve the guest’s experience, they are going to offer guidance to hosts that minimal check-out requirements should be in place. For example, guests shouldn’t be responsible for stripping the bed, doing laundry, or vacuuming.

What are your thoughts on some of the changes coming to Airbnb? Let me know! I’m a licensed real estate agent serving Longmont, Loveland, and Boulder!

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